Speakers Allison Wood

Allison Wood is responsible for providing political and business risk analysis for companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa.  Based in the London office after four years with Control Risks in Dubai, she is actively involved in consulting engagements across the region, with a particular interest in stakeholder mapping and complex problem solving projects. She is also the lead analyst for the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and contributes to Control Risks’ online subscription services, tracking political and security developments and their implication for commercial activities. 

Examples of recent projects include: 
  • Stakeholder mapping, potential partner identification and an assessment of market dynamics for the aviation sector in Qatar.
  • Conducting business impact analysis and developing business continuity management plans and governance structure for a Qatar-based oil services firm.  
  • An assessment of joint venture partnerships and disputes in Saudi Arabia as well as the political standing of relevant state ministries to inform the business decision of a large foreign business.  
  • Analysis and investigation of resource allocation policies and stakeholder mapping in key ministries in Saudi Arabia.
  • A risk management and decision making framework to inform a global charity’s donation acceptance process, with a focus on fundraising in the Middle East.

Allison has spoken at numerous conferences in Dubai and is a regular contributor to the media on regional issues. Allison is also the deputy director of the UAE chapter of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Prior to joining Control Risks, Allison worked as a Research Assistant for the Princeton Institute of International and Regional Studies, where in addition to working on a wide variety of research projects on MENA and Southeast Asia she was project co-ordinator of the Iran Data Portal. 

Allison holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the University of Chicago, where she was awarded a University Scholarship and focused on issues related to Islamist political parties across the Muslim world. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University, where she graduated magna cum laude from the department of Near Eastern Studies. She has lived in Morocco and Egypt and travelled extensively across the region. She speaks Arabic and French.