Speakers Dr Alaa Ezz

Dr Ezz has worked in the sustainable development fields for over 20 years during which he designed and implemented a host of projects and established companies in the Mediterranean and Arab regions, encompassing industry, transport and logistics, environment, investment promotion, technology transfer, trade liberalization and promotion, renewable energy and infrastructure, HR development, finance and media.

Dr Alaa Ezz is secretary general of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce "FEDCOC", the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, the Egyptian-German Business Council, the Egyptian chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce, and the Association of Enterprises for Environmental Conservation. the vice president of the Associació Mediterrània del Medi Ambient; the coordinator of Union of Mediterranean Employers Federations "BusinessMed"; the executive board member of the Med-Alliance, Association of Mediterranean Chambers "ASCAME", and the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce; board member of the MENA Investment Promotion Council; the Coordinator of Al-Ahram Regional Press Institute; and managing editor of Environment Today and Economy Today Magazines and Terra Viva newspaper.