Jannie Holtzhausen

Johannes (Jannie) Holtzhausen is the Chief Executive Officer of Spinneys Dubai LLC, a position he acquired in 2001. Namibian born, Jannie has worked almost his entire career in retail. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch he joined South African retailer PEP stores where he progressed to Logistics Manager before being promoted to Managing Director of Ackermans.

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Penelope Shihab

Penelope Shihab was born and raised in Palestine during a period of heightened turbulence and political unrest. As conflict in the war-torn region escalated, Penelope had narrowly escaped death three times by the age of 14.

‘Growing up in place of war and conflict, it was really hard for most people to stay there, live there and even harder to dream. But for me, it was a kick to try to find a better place to live and make my dreams come true,” Penelope said. “It wasn’t negative, for me, it was a positive, motivating factor.”

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Souad M. Al Hosani

Souad M. Al Hosani is the President of Nexus Group of Companies, CEO of the Emirati Group and Board Director at Safetic International Safety, Security & Safetic Technologies. She is the Ambassador of Blonde & Bear in the UAE. She received her Bachelor Degree in Human Resource Management from the higher colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi. Her previous work experiences includes Ministry of foreign affairs, Mubadala Development Company, the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Finance Department & Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

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Paul Kenny

Paul Kenny is currently managing director of AYM Commerce, a company specialising in breakthrough digital technologies and online businesses in the MENA region.
Middle East Entrepreneur of the Year, EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, serial entrepreneur and Galway man Paul Kenny, who is recognised as one of the most important people in technology in the region has been invited to talk about the many enterprises he has successfully launched, sold and managed. 

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Ramsey Khoury

Ramsey Khoury is Chairman of the The Khoury Group - a multi-million holding company started in 1952 in Jordan with activities throughout the Arab region, in distribution of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, personal care, tobacco, dairy, diet food products, edible oils, fish and seafood products, fruits and vegetables, grain products, meat products, poultry products, sauces and condiments and snack food; ownership and operation of cosmetics and pharmacies retail outlets. Mr Khoury is also the Irish Honorary Consul in Jordan. 


Mustapha Amhal

Mustapha Amhal is the Chairman & Chief Executive of SOFINAM, a holding company involved in the production of meat products.  He is also the Chairman of the Moroccan Chambers of Commerce, Service and Industry. Mustapha holds a BA in Mathematics and Business Administration from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Texas and an Executive degree in Marketing Management from Harvard Business School.  His experience ranges across the Oil & Gas Industry, Consumer Products Distribution and Real Estate Development in Morocco and other Arab countries.

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Allison Wood

Allison Wood is responsible for providing political and business risk analysis for companies operating in the Middle East and North Africa.  Based in the London office after four years with Control Risks in Dubai, she is actively involved in consulting engagements across the region, with a particular interest in stakeholder mapping and complex problem solving projects. She is also the lead analyst for the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and contributes to Control Risks’ online subscription services, tracking political and security developments and their implication for commercial activities. 


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David Mulville

A highly successful international business executive and entrepreneur, David Mulville has been a leader in the Corporate Finance and E-Learning industries for the past twenty years. Mr. Mulville is currently the Chairman of Dataflow International, an Irish and Middle-Eastern based software and services business that serves clients across multiple sectors seeking to develop of expand their presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In addition, he is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Educational Software Licensing Limited, which is a provider of educational software and services to the Ministry of Education in Libya having personally negotiated a $58M contract with the ministry in 2009.

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Anthony Gavin

Anthony Gavin is the Chairperson, Irish Business Network in Saudi Arabia. 


As a Transformation Advisor in the Financial Sector in Saudi Arabia, Anthony is directly involved in transformation programmes, leading out and advising on the technology and data agendas for the industry.  Anthony moved to Saudi Arabia in January 2014, after a 37-year career in banking in Ireland with Allied Irish Banks


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Dr Alaa Ezz

Dr Ezz has worked in the sustainable development fields for over 20 years during which he designed and implemented a host of projects and established companies in the Mediterranean and Arab regions, encompassing industry, transport and logistics, environment, investment promotion, technology transfer, trade liberalization and promotion, renewable energy and infrastructure, HR development, finance and media.

Dr Alaa Ezz is secretary general of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce "FEDCOC", the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, the Egyptian-German Business Council, the Egyptian chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce, and the Association of Enterprises for Environmental Conservation. 

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Brian Eivers

Brian Eivers is Sales Director of The Nest Box Egg Company who process and pack some 3.5 million single eggs each week for the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and HORECA markets in Ireland, U.K and the Middle East.  The Nest Box Egg Company now regularly supplies the market in the region with its brand 'Golden Irish' specialising in Free Range and Organic Eggs.   A 2017 post-graduate in International Sales from DIT, Brian is passionate about the future development of the egg business in the Middle East.  

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William Moroney

William Moroney currently serves as a Non-Executive Director with Securetec Capital a financial sales enablement company with offices in London, Singapore and Dubai. He is also an Advisory Board Member at Saescada, a global digital banking platform provider based in London.   His experience spans software, hardware, managed services and outsourcing as well as financial services for technology projects.

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